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Rustic look combined with a modern flair can really go together well with right planning.
Most custom projects start with ideas. What happens with those ideas will greatly determine the outcome of the final product. You want the final product to be and extension of your ideas. If this process is handled correctly, you will end up with a finshed product that not only meets, but often exceeds your best expectations.

With BETTER BUILT CUSTOM CABINETRY we eliminate most of the possiblities for that to happen. When we handle your project we take care of it all. We measure the site, we design the project, we build it with our very hands, and we will even install it if needed. We leave little to no chance for any idea to be lost in this process. 

We may have ideas to offer you (the customer) that you may never even have thought of. After all we do this sort of thing every day, where most of us might only do something like this once or twice in our lifetime.

By combining our knowledge with your ideas we together take the uniqueness of any home or room and use that space to it's highest potential.

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  • Here's a bath we built in Maple w/ a whitewashed look added.
  • A clear Red Cedar linen we built. The beveld mirror adds design quality.
  • We built a lot of cabinetry for a small space here. Brown sugar on oak.
  • Here is what I mean about using every inch wisely.
  • This started out as a simple bi-fold closet and we turned it into this.
  • Use every part of the kitchen. This space was formerly use to just walk through.
  • Notice the pull-out that makes it possible to use the linen without stepping out of the shower.
  • A custom built make-up station is a nice addition if the master bath has the space.
  • We had to build this unit so it could be taken back apart and assembled in place pc. by pc.

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More than just kitchen cabinetry!

We can help you with any room in your home.

Here is how one customer used some living room space for entertainment and gun display.

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