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Christopher working in the shop.
Meet Christopher (the owner) who has been building one thing or another with his hands since his teen years in the mid 1980's. In the early 90's Christopher partnered up with a brother-in-law in the building business. Frequently custom cabinetry or furniture needs would come along that they would build with-in their business in their small shop. As the business grew, so did these custom needs.

A few years down the road two additional partners were added. At this point the name of the partnership became (Better Built Custom Homes and Cabinetry) As the cabinetry needs grew larger the old shop grew to be too small. In 2002 the then four partners put up a new much larger cabinet shop. This new store front became the business headquarters. From here the business proceeded to build entire homes, including all the finishing and custom cabinetry from the new shop. The shop has been in full time production of custom cabinetry since.

In the fall of 2007 one of the partners choose to leave and at that point the other two partners choose to go full time into home construction while Christopher took over the business as sole owner, renaming it BETTER BUILT CUSTOM CABINETRY LLC, the name it has to this day. 

Today BETTER BUILT CUSTOM CABINETRY is a family owned business and run by Christopher, his wife Deborah along with their seven children. 

With all of this building knowledge coupled with the fact that Christopher loves to cook and knows his way around a kitchen, Christopher has become the primere kitchen designer of the northwoods.

We are located 10 miles north of Medford, Wisconsin on Highway 13 on the East side of the road. Feel free to stop in and Meet Christopher for yourself.

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More than just kitchen cabinetry!

We can help you with any room in your home.

Here is how one customer used some living room space for entertainment and gun display.

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