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We can help you with any room in your home.
Here is how one customer used some living room space for entertainment and gun display.

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Cabinetry perfectly made to fit your home and lifstyle.

This kitchen is a good display of victorian flair. Cabinetry that can fit into differents levels. This is a butcher block island on casters, put it where you need it. A clear cherry kitchen w/mitred doors. Notice the use of the built up wood soffits and lighting. An elegant cherry kitchen w/ honey stain. Complete with lighted toe-kick for night-time. Take advantage of little parts of the home. A blonde clear maple bar for get togethers. A  bumped out double vanity. We worked around using the natural light in the bath as best possible. Keep it simple. A clear hickory kitchen that's easy to use. This is the corner of the library in a home-school room. Cordovan stain on maple.
This was built with extra deep uppers and countertops. A buther block on wheels is always nice. A rustic hickory kitchen with a stepped up island offers a needed boundry in an open concept home. The point here is to show everything but the cabinetry in the coin shop, but still look nice . Pantry space is usually at a premium, but not here. All the food is in the same place. Old meets new. A wood cookstove can still look classy. This one is still in use. An example of a painted project. Notice the the traditional baords along the one wall. Simple oak done in style. Using wood soffits to add accent glass and lighting. Add granite to a simple vanity and you get wow. We built this in quarter sawn oak with black accents. The extra splash is the full high splash. We built this vanity from solid red cedar and added a clear finish. It's truly striking. By turning the range a bit we were able to fit all they wanted into this tiny corner. A little work area is always nice. We built this one to house all the in-house sound system.

We know how to keep it straight and simple as well.
For a different look, our customer added the imprined steel to the splash. I like it.
        Welcome to the place where dream-homes comes true. If you are looking for high quality custom made cabinetry, than you have come to the right place. Please take a minute to go through our web-site and let your imagination take hold. Start to think of how BETTER BUILT CUSTOM CABINETRY can change what used to be your house into a living show home, that you will love to live in.
.        Every room, is unique. It is so important to use every room to it best potential. When cabinetry is done right, it is a joy to be in that room. Whether you are working in it or just enjoying a nice visit, the cabinetry in that room makes or breaks that room, and the whole house for that matter.
        At BETTER BUILT CUSTOM CABINETRY we excel at bringing not only the kitchen but any room to life with a combination of great ideas and wealth of cabinetry experience. We help take your space, ideas, and dreams and transform them into your reality.